Saturday, November 1, 2008

Gluten Free Waffles and All Saints Day

Blessed All Saints Day!! "May the Lord be with you." All Saints Day is kept to remember all those who have passed to the next life.

This morning has been greatly anticipated in our home, sadly not because it is All Saints but because this is the day we get to have waffles again!!! Fiona is allergic to a list a food an arms length long but the one she misses most is wheat. Keegan misses it the most too because we don't keep a lot of wheat items in the house now. I don't miss it at all because I have lost 9 pounds because of it!!!

Brown Rice Waffle Recipe turned out perfectly this morning. I used some leftover plain flour to make waffles for the rest of us and they flopped miserably. So gluten free it is!!!!

Now on to a recount of the Eve of All Saints or All Hallows Eve.....Halloween!

Our wee ones, as well as, those bussed into our neighborhood from outlying communities enjoyed All Hallows Eve. Our neighborhood was built in the mid to late 40's to provide housing for people working in the Secret City of Oak Ridge. It s a great little neighborhood that time forgot. We walk leisurely walk down the middle of the streets the kids calling out to the grown up on the porches by name.
"Hey, Pelham!"
"Come on over kids. I've got to give some candy to the little ghoulies."
"Hey, Mr. Bill!"
"Hey ther yourself! You little ghosties get on over here."
"Angie's home!! Come on!!! Let's go!"
Hugs all around.
This went on house, after house. I loved it!!!! Halloween at its best!!!

The kids enjoyed unfettered candy engorgement last evening and then waffles this morning. Bliss, total bliss!!!!

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