Friday, October 31, 2008

Routine and the flow of life

I have my new in school, hubby in school, turn on the baseball game (I know the season is over but that is why I have MLB Gameday Audio $14.95 a year any game at any time. You just cant beat that) anyway, where was I....oh yes, my routine.

Well, my routine is screwed!!! Fiona is sick for the zillioneth time, plain ole cold combined with bacterial infection in her lungs. The good news is we have discovered her thymus (which fuels her immune system) doesn't work very well and now she is on supplements to make it stronger. I LOVE alternative medicine!

So now she is on the couch watching a movie, not moving, not saying, "Mommy, I need ......." and I am blogging and following blogs and posting on ETSY forums when what I should be doing is making jewelry for my show which is a short two weeks away and I have two new galleries to supply. So now I must turn on the ballgame and work!!!

"Mommy, I need......." arrrrgh! Give me that remote, you want to watch another movie don't you Fiona?

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