Saturday, November 8, 2008

Today is a Hard Hat Day

Today I'm suppose to be gearing up for my last week before the last show of the season. Working my tail off windin' and windin' my little fingers to the bone.

So what have I done half the fricken' day. Run around town looking for parkay flooring and glue to put it down with finding out that it was going to cost a lot more than it should have. And being ticked off about the whole ordeal!!!!!

Let me back up.......5 years ago, count them---- 5 years ago I bought some parkay flooring for a bay window in our bedroom....don't get me started on the whole story of turning our garage into a bedroom. I will say that it was contractor hell! So TODAY in the pit of bipolar depression my hubby decides to do something nice for me and finally put the flooring down. Well, there were at one time two packages of this flooring, but I only found one of the them the other day and being in "show mode" as I call it, focused on that and nothing else, I don't question him when he says he going to put down the flooring.

So right before lunch he makes the offhand comment that I need to get some more glue but we can get that when we pick up some more flooring. I HIT THE ROOF!!! It was at that point that I realized he didn't have a clue that I had bought the stuff on clearance 5 years ago and that I probably couldn't find anymore and there was uncovered glue on the floor and what was he going to do about that and when would he get the rest of this done, another five years from now and why didn't he realize that he only had half of what he needed to do the job anyway and if that was so why did he start the job in the first place and wasn't he suppose to be taking care of the kids this weekend and getting the laundry done so that I could work and if so then why, oh why oh why was he PUTTING DOWN FLOORING IN THE BEDROOM!!!!!!!

Now that previous whole paragraph took about 3 seconds to flash through my brain. That was at 11:50 this morning. It is now 7:20 pm and he is still putting down 20 square feet of flooring in the bedroom and I have not made a BLOOMING PIECE OF JEWELRY ALL DAY!!!!! The good news is that I found another box of the flooring at Lowe's--- damaged and quite a different shade. The bad new was that I had to by a whole gallon of glue because NOBODY sells it in quarts anymore. and more bad news....there is a 4" x 4" square that still has subfloor showing and will have until I purchase another box of I can find it.

Bipolar disorder is hell on earth for those that have it and those that have to live with them. So much for getting any thing done today.

Told you it was a hard hat day.

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Lisa and Allan Mueller said...

You are an amazing woman! Tomorrow is another day and I hope it does not involve a hard hat!