Monday, November 10, 2008

To the moon, Alice!!

You may be confused by that title if you don't remember the Honeymooner's, but since they don't have a lot to do with this post you won't get too lost.

To the moon.....that is where Daryl is headed today, bipolar-ly speaking that is. At 6:20 am est I staggered into the kitchen to see that all the lights were already on. A peek around the corner to see a perky Daryl sitting at the computer. He turns and says, "I just got up!"

He comes into the kitchen where I'm trying to remember how to make coffee and he starts technobabbling. "I fixed your computer..I was reading a blog last night about this guy who is a survivalist and he has his house all wired to voice recognition and he found that his computer was running too slow so he went in and........" Okay at this point I'm completely overwhelmed with tech speak and Daryl's yet to have taken a breath. I'm making coffee and listening patiently (but ignorantly) waiting for him to take a breath.

"Been awfully busy for a boy who just got up?"

"Oh, I got up at 4, but if fixed your computer last night."

"What time did you go to bed?"


Okay, I've not been able to blast him out of bed for over a week. Usually he's exhausted and incoherent in the mornings and now he's running full blast onless than 4 hours sleep. Oh, GOD!!! how I hate bipolar disorder. But it is nice to have him perky in the mornings and my computer does run better.

Follow up on the flooring episode Saturday. He did manage to piece together that last 4 inch x 4 inch squre. It's twernt the fear of God in him though, it was the fear of his wife.

He also stood between me and the girls yesterday and I was able to get in 6 hours of very product jewelry time.

I'm gonna keep him.

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Jenn said...

Yeah, he definitely sounds like a keeper :) Glad your computer is running better!