Wednesday, January 7, 2009

Do you really want to know?

Why do you read blogs? Do you really want to know what I'm thinking at this moment of the day or are you trying to find some great deal? Maybe you are trying to learn how to sell what you create by reaching the folks who read blogs.

Peering at blogs is sometimes like opening up someone's diary.
eeeewwww! I didn't want to know that!
oooohhhhhh! I didn't know that!
ooooooooooo! I've never thought of that!

Blogs are about revelation. The blogger reveals themselves by what they write and the reader reveals themselves by their reaction to the blog.

Why do we feel the need to open ourselves to folks we don't know well. Do we have this same openness to our intimate circle? Do we have an intimate circle? Is technology forcing us to lose our connection with intimate relationships and we try to replace them with superficial communication on a grand scale.

I just watched RV (the movie) last night. Ipods and blackberries and laptops! A family adrift on the sea of technology who found themselves in an RV.

With whom are you intimate? (Hardhat anyone?)

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